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As the founder of PMP Knives, I am excited to introduce my newest creation: Vanguard Knives.

Since 2016 I have revolutionized the world of oversized pocket knives with PMP Knives. Now, in 2024, I am expanding my range to include high-quality, elegant and large-format ones

Pocket knives under the Vanguard Knives brand.


My main goal at Vanguard Knives is to develop practical pocket knives for everyday use.


Production takes place mainly in China, in collaboration with renowned manufacturers, to ensure the highest quality and workmanship. Production in the USA and Switzerland is also planned later.


I pay particular attention to quality control and packaging in Switzerland. This process ensures that each knife meets my high standards before it is delivered to my customers.


In addition, in the Vanguard Shop I offer the opportunity to design pocket knives according to various options. This means that every customer can put together a knife that is perfectly tailored to their needs and preferences.


I use my many years of experience and knowledge from previous mistakes to constantly improve the quality of Vanguard knives. My goal is to provide every customer with an exceptional experience - both in terms of product and service. Vanguard Knives is not just a tool, it is my passion for quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.

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